Mardi Gras Pumpkin

A legend is told of a magical occurrence three – hundred years or so ago. In the mysterious backwaters of the Barataria bayous in Louisiana, a crop of spectacular golden pumpkins was discovered. The valuable vegetation grew in the murky area that was believed to be the secret hiding place of ill – gotten pirate treasure. This incredible discovery remained a mystery until the present day.

After Hurricane Katrina, a new harvest of incredible pumpkins surfaced along the bayous. The pumpkins were not golden, but multi – colored in hues of purple, green, and gold. Experts have analyzed the phenomenon and have speculated that high concentrations of Mardi Gras beads and doubloons found deposited near the colorful treasures enhanced their growth.

Still a mystery, scientists have named them Cucurbita Festivalis. Those lucky enough to own one call them “Mardi Gras Pumpkins™”!

Mardi Gras Pumpkins™ are colorful, beautiful and bring happiness to those who are fortunate enough to have them. They report that their lives have been enhanced by love, blessings, good friends and good vibes after finding Mardi Gras Pumpkins™.

Sizes available:
Regular: 5″ Diameter – $45
Medium: 7″ Diameter – $75

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Because of the inherent nature of traditional glassblowing, each piece is a unique piece of art. No molds are used in the creation of this work. Variations in size and coloration naturally occur in the process that distinguish each piece as handcrafted.

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