Transformation Pocket Vase




noun: transformation; plural noun: transformations

  1. a thorough or dramatic change in form or appearance.

I use the title as “Transformation” because each piece starts with colorful shards of glass that are specifically blown for this piece. The shards are transformed as they are heated and then melted on to the piece. They are worked in to the piece as inclusions between layers of molten glass. Once the whole transformation takes place and the shards are within the glass the piece is blown out to the desired shape.

Colors available:
Cool Mix-Black, Cool Mix-Purple, Hot Mix-Black, Hot Mix-Red, Rainbow-Black, Rainbow-Blue, Black & Gold-Black, Black & Gold-Amber.

Dimensions: 13″x 12″x 6″


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Because of the inherent nature of traditional glassblowing, each piece is a unique piece of art. No molds are used in the creation of this work. Variations in size and coloration naturally occur in the process that distinguish each piece as handcrafted.

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